QR Codes (and other 2D Barcodes)

A QR Code, otherwise known as a Quick Response Code, is the most widely used type of 2D “matrix barcode”. It can be effortlessly read by smartphones and camera phones, assuming that they possess a barcode scanner application, and can be utilised in various ways. A commonly employed function is to connect individuals who scan the code to a specific website.

You can order your QR Code below:

  • QR Codes

    This service is fully automated, delivering your QR code images within minutes. To ensure a quick and accurate delivery, we kindly request the URL or any other necessary information you wish to have encoded into the QR code. Without this information, the automation process cannot generate your unique QR code.

    Choose the required number of QR codes, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. In the “additional information” box on the checkout page, enter the required URLs or data to encode, with each URL on a separate line. Standard QR codes (Static and Dynamic) will be automatically generated and sent to you via email in a few minutes. However, more complex QR codes, such as v-business cards, have to be created manually, which takes 1-12 hours. V business cards can only be made as static.

    The QR code images will be sent to you in 5 formats .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps formats.

    We offer two QR code options for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)

    STATIC QR Codes

    – these encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code
    – these are permanent and will work as long as your website URL remains the same.
    – they can’t be altered, as the web address is directly embedded within the QR Code.
    – unlimited scans

    This type of QR code can be used for more than just URLs, such as encoding text, on business cards, or when sending an email or SMS message.

    DYNAMIC QR Codes

    – These utilise our Dynamic QR Code service – to permit the target URL to be adjusted in the future if needed.
    – unlimited scans¹
    – lifetime redirection²
    – target URL can be changed at any time³
    – the destination URL can be changed at any time.°

    ¹ Fair use allowed
    ² Redirection for 2 years included with initial purchase. After this, there is a fee of Kr 100.00 pa
    ³ Redirection cost Kr 100.00 per change
    ° Low-cost tracking reports are obtainable and the charges hinge on how frequent you will require the reports, the intricacy of the reports and the number of QR Codes being tracked.

    Static/Dynamic QR code
    Quantity Price per image (N. Kr.)
    1 100 kr
    2+ 75 kr
    5+ 60 kr
    10+ 50 kr
    Select options


We suggest programming your QR code with a QR redirect to extend the lifespan of your physical QR code. This way, you can redirect it to different links multiple times in the future without having to change the physical code. Additionally, it enables you to monitor the traffic generated by the QR code. Watch the video here that explains this in more detail.


How to order & use your QR Code

Websites (URLs)

To connect a Smartphone user to a specific website using a QR Code, add the website’s URL to the “Additional Information” section during checkout or email it to us. We will generate a QR Code for you.

Business Cards (VCards)

These QR Codes are usually found on business cards. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, the individual’s business card information will show up on their screen. The smartphone user can then save the individual as a contact on their phone.

If you want your QR Code to have your business card details (VCard or MeCard), enter the following information under “Additional Information” when you checkout.Note: if you need your QR Code to be small (e.g. 3cm x 3cm), only provide us with the essential information & leave out the rest:

Job Title:
Address: (street, post code, city, state/province, country)
Mobile Phone:
Website URL:

Events (VCalender)

If you want your QR Code to contain information about an upcoming event, please put the following details into the “Additional Information” section when checking out:

1. Event Name:
2. Event Description:
3. Location of Event:
4. Event Start Date/Time:
5. Event End Date/Time: (Optional)


We can create additional QR codes upon your request. These options include the ability to call somebody, send an email or text message, access Facebook profiles or like posts, access Linkedin profiles or share content, access Twitter profiles, access Android Market Publisher/Package, or connect to Wi-Fi access points.

QR Code Size

If you print a QR Code on a business card, it can be quite small, such as 3 or 4 cm. Nonetheless, if you intend to place a QR Code on a billboard or poster, which will be scanned from a distance, it needs to be much larger, like 1 metre wide. Inform us about the size requirement of your QR Code while placing your order.

NOTE: If the QR Code contains lots of text or a lengthy website URL address, it’ll need to be bigger for a proper scan. By using a URL shortener like “goo.gl,” you can shorten long website addresses.

After you receive your QR Code, please test it to make sure it works well (and let us know if you’re having any problems). You can re-size it if necessary.

Other Types of 2D Codes

We sell QR codes most frequently, yet we can create various other 2D codes at your wish. If you desire another type of 2D barcode besides QR codes, kindly mention it while placing your order. We can provide the accompanying alternative 2D matrix barcodes:

– PDF417
– Data Matrix
– MaxiCode
– Aztec Code