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  1. One-time cost - NO yearly charges.
  2. Use it forever without any restrictions.
  3. Confirmed EAN/UPC barcode numbers.
  4. Instant email delivery.
  5. All-in-one - barcode numbers, graphics, and labels.
  6. Tailored customer support.
  7. Compatibility with shops in Norway and international
  8. Clients in over 120 countries.

Barcodes NorwayWhy buy from us?

Our barcodes come from the same system as GS1 barcodes and can be used worldwide at most shops. When you purchase EAN or UPC barcodes, they will be registered for free on the International Barcodes Database. To avoid any issues with enforcement, we check all barcode numbers sold for illegal use on the internet.

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Strekkoder Norge GarantyOur guarantee for you

Strekkoder Norge ensures that every EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode number we sell is exclusive to you and your product. The barcode number has never been used for any retail product and will not be given to anyone else. We sell all barcodes for a one-time fee, and they belong to you for an indefinite period.

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Buying barcodes from us is very easy and quick. To purchase barcodes quickly, just specify how many you need and click the “Add to cart” button.

  • GTIN/EAN-13 Barcode Packages

    Product description:

    • 13-digit GTIN code
    • Instant email delivery
    • Barcode Images in the formats PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF
    • Free EAN-Barcode registration
    • Guarantee certificate of ownership

    Your email will include EAN-13 barcode numbers, barcode images in four formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF), a guarantee certificate confirming your exclusive ownership of these barcode numbers, and complimentary registration of the barcodes on the International Barcodes Database.

    GTIN/EAN-13 Barcode Numbers & Images
    Quantity Price per barcode (N. Kr.)
    1 299 kr
    2+ 249 kr
    5+ 199 kr
    10+ 149 kr
    25+ 99 kr
    50+ 69 kr
    100+ 49 kr
    200+ 29 kr
    500+ 19 kr
    1000+ 15 kr
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Norway Barcodes DetaljhandelSee our barcodes in action

The EAN barcodes we provide are suitable for use on all retail products worldwide. They are functional in physical as well as online stores.
That’s why we have lots of customers in Scandinavia and all over the world. On this page you’ll find sample products that utilise our barcodes.

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Barcodes Norway ImagesBarcode images

We create images for all types of barcodes. These images are made in four different file formats suitable for graphic design and printing. They have a resolution of 600 dpi, promising high-quality images. The various formats guarantee that one graphic file format will seamlessly match your software.
This simplifies the process of adding the graphics to your packaging and beginning to sell your product.

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About Norway BarcodesMore about us

Strekkoder Norge is a recognised and approved member of the International Barcodes Network. We strive to offer inexpensive, superior barcodes and dependable barcode services for a single payment.
We aim to assist you in swiftly bringing your products to the market.

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