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ITF-14 barcodes are 14-digit codes that go on the boxes containing your retail products. Each box should contain a certain number of your products (for example, 24 cans of baked beans). These barcodes are also known as Shipping Container Codes, Carton Codes or GTIN-14 codes. Your retailer will scan the ITF-14 barcode on each box when it arrives at their warehouse. The barcode with ITF-14 will show the number of products in every shipping box (e.g. 24 cans of baked beans). This data is stored in their inventory or logistics system to track their warehouse stock.cartons ITF-14 barcodes are commonly generated using the barcode number found on the retail item inside its packaging (either the EAN-13 or UPC number). Up to 10 ITF-14 barcodes can be generated from one EAN-13 or UPC number.

If you require ITF-14 barcodes, kindly place an order below. Please input your EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode numbers in the designated “enter your barcode number(s) here” box prior to checkout (we will utilise these numbers to craft your ITF-14 barcode images). Our team will then manually produce your ITF-14 barcode and send it via email, usually within 2-24 hours, depending on the order’s time and day of submission.

  • ITF-14 Barcode images

    Here you can buy ITF-14 pictures. These will be sent to you via email in a standard size with four different formats (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg) upon receipt of your order.

    Please enter your EAN-13 barcode number in the “additional information” section when you reach the checkout page. This will be used to generate your ITF-14 barcode. Up to ten ITF-14 Pictures can be generated from each EAN-13 code. This automated system generates ITF14 barcodes swiftly and sends them to you via email if you provide valid EAN13 barcode numbers.

    If you are buying an EAN-13 barcode together with an ITF-14 barcode, enter “n/a” in the ‘additional information’ section, and we will assign an EAN-13 barcode to you, which we will then use to create the ITF-14 carton code images.

    ITF-14 Barcode images
    Quantity Price per image (N. Kr.)
    1 100 kr
    2+ 75 kr
    5+ 60 kr
    10+ 50 kr
    25+ 30 kr
    50+ 22 kr
    75+ 15 kr
    100+ 10 kr
    150+ Please contact us.

    Which ITF-14 Carton Code goes with which EAN-13 barcode?

    To identify which carton code corresponds with each EAN number, examine the EAN numbers closely. Disregard the final digit (13th digit), which serves as a checksum for the other digits. Instead, focus on the last three digits. You will observe that these digits match both the EAN and the ITF codes, although the ITF code contains a leading “1.”

    For example EAN 0799439079083 has ending checksum digit 3. Ignore this last digit; the barcode ends 908. It’s corresponding ITF would also end 908 and then have a checkdigit added at the end. It has a 1 at the front so it would be 1079943907908x (where x is the checkdigit) and in this case the checkdigit is 0, so the final number is 10799439079080.  Note, when our automation produces the barcode images, it includes the checkdigit in the image, but leaves is out of the file name – so in this example, the images would be named 1079943907908.

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