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  • Barcode Artwork Test

    We have a new service where we can test your barcode artwork, to give you an idea of whether it will scan well.

    This is not an official Barcode Verification Report (which costs $59 USD) as required by some Supermarket and Hardware chains. But this is a test using the same tools and providing identical data.

    This test will check your barcode artwork and give you more confidence in its quality before printing. It will also identify any issues with the barcode artwork.

    To take the test, buy the required quantity (costing KR 150 each), and send us a pdf of the barcode design by email. The file should be no larger than A4, and 100% in size. We will print it on a laser printer and assess the result in black and white only – other colours will not be tested. Once the testing is complete, we will send you the report by email.

    You can view some sample reports below. Grades vary from A (excellent) to C (OK) to D & below which are fails.

    Test Pass A grade
    Test Pass B grade
    Test Pass C grade
    Test Fail Decodability
    Test Fail Right Margin
    Test Fail modulation and magnification

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  • Barcode Registration

    When you buy Barcode Registration, you can register your barcode number and product details on the International Barcodes Database. The data registered on that database is also filtered to several other significant online databases. Please insert your barcode number(s) in the “additional information” section during the checkout process. Upon receiving your order, we will send you an email requesting proof of ownership to verify that you are the rightful owner of your barcode number. Afterward, we will activate your barcode number for registration and provide instructions on registering it. Please note that registration is offered for free if one of our Barcode Packages is purchased.

    Barcode Registration
    Quantity Price per Registration (N. Kr.) Total (N. Kr.)
    1+ 150 kr 150 kr
    5+ 140 kr 700 kr
    10+ 130 kr 1300 kr
    20+ 120 kr 2400 kr
    30+ 110 kr 3300 kr
    50+ 100 kr 5000 kr
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  • Code-128 or Code-39 Images

    You can buy sequences of code-39 or code-128 images here. We will give you the images in any format you like (Bitmap, Eps., Tiff, Jpeg or PDF) through a shared dropbox folder.

    Please specify in the ‘additional information’ section (on the checkout page) what format (e.g. jpeg, code 128), size (e.g. 3cm wide x 2cm high) and sequence you would like – Something like 1000-1999 works well for a lot of 1000. The sequence may consist of both letters and numbers or numbers alone. If you do not specify the format you desire, we will use the Code 128 format as the default.

    Code 128 or Code 39 barcodes are utilised for library books, membership cards, vouchers, SKU codes, internal inventory tracking and more.

    Code-128 / Code-39 Images
    Quantity Price per image (N. Kr.)
    1 100 kr
    2+ 75 kr
    5+ 60 kr
    10+ 50 kr
    25+ 30 kr
    50+ 22 kr
    75+ 15 kr
    100+ 10 kr
    150+ Please contact us.
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  • Global Location Number (GLN)

    GLN numbers can be purchased here – once we receive the order we will email you through your GLN Number.

    Global Location Number
    Quantity Price per GLN (N. Kr.)
    1 250 kr
    2 240 kr
    3 230 kr
    4 220 kr
    5+ 210 kr
    10+ 200 kr
    20+ 180 kr
    30+ 160 kr
    40+ 140 kr
    50+ 120 kr
    75+ 100 kr
    100+ 80 kr
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  • Other Barcode Images

    If you need a different kind of barcode image, you can buy it here. We usually provide the following barcode formats.: EAN-13, UPC-A, ITF-14, Code-128, Code-39, QR Code, SSCC Codes and various other types of 2D and 1D Barcodes. Please input the number of barcode image sets you require and provide your barcode numbers or information in the ‘additional information’ section during checkout. We will send your barcode images via email as four attached files in Bitmap, eps., Tiff, Jpeg, and PDF formats. We only provide the following barcode formats. The pictures are typically sent at a regular size by default. If you need another size, simply let us know in the ‘additional information’ section.

    Quantity Price per image
    1 Kr 100 Each
    2 Kr 75 Each
    5 Kr 60 Each
    10 + Kr 50 Each
    50 + Kr 22 Each
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  • Pay Specific Amount

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  • QR Codes

    This service is fully automated, delivering your QR code images within minutes. To ensure a quick and accurate delivery, we kindly request the URL or any other necessary information you wish to have encoded into the QR code. Without this information, the automation process cannot generate your unique QR code.

    Choose the required number of QR codes, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. In the “additional information” box on the checkout page, enter the required URLs or data to encode, with each URL on a separate line. Standard QR codes (Static and Dynamic) will be automatically generated and sent to you via email in a few minutes. However, more complex QR codes, such as v-business cards, have to be created manually, which takes 1-12 hours. V business cards can only be made as static.

    The QR code images will be sent to you in 5 formats .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps formats.

    We offer two QR code options for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)

    STATIC QR Codes

    – these encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code
    – these are permanent and will work as long as your website URL remains the same.
    – they can’t be altered, as the web address is directly embedded within the QR Code.
    – unlimited scans

    This type of QR code can be used for more than just URLs, such as encoding text, on business cards, or when sending an email or SMS message.

    DYNAMIC QR Codes

    – These utilise our Dynamic QR Code service – to permit the target URL to be adjusted in the future if needed.
    – unlimited scans¹
    – lifetime redirection²
    – target URL can be changed at any time³
    – the destination URL can be changed at any time.°

    ¹ Fair use allowed
    ² Redirection for 2 years included with initial purchase. After this, there is a fee of Kr 100.00 pa
    ³ Redirection cost Kr 100.00 per change
    ° Low-cost tracking reports are obtainable and the charges hinge on how frequent you will require the reports, the intricacy of the reports and the number of QR Codes being tracked.

    Static/Dynamic QR code
    Quantity Price per image (N. Kr.)
    1 100 kr
    2+ 75 kr
    5+ 60 kr
    10+ 50 kr
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